An overview of Jumpstart’s extended Javascript functionality.
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Count down to a specified date and time in the future.

Simple Example
Simple Example – Elapsed

Detailed Example

Detailed Example – Elapsed


Animated counting up or down to a specified value.

Date Pickers

Turn a text input into a beautiful, flexible date picker.

    Single Date
    Date Range
    Date range with icon
    Icon For Door-open

    Google Maps

    Richly featured maps implementation. Easy to customize and style.

    Basic Example Using Address
    Styled Map
    Styled Map

    Masonry Layout

    Lay out and filter a collection of elements in masonry style. Powered by Metafizzy’s Isotope plugin.

    Basic Masonry
    Filterable Masonry
    Icon For Thunder-move
    Icon For Thunder-move
    Icon For Thunder-move


    Use Bootstrap’s JavaScript modal plugin to add dialogs to your site for lightboxes, user notifications, or completely custom content.


    Animate elements with the scrolling of the page. Please note, the parallax stars are for demonstration purposes only.

    Parallax Background Image
    Parallax Elements
    Icon For Star
    Icon For Star
    Icon For Star
    Icon For Star
    Icon For Star
    Icon For Star

    Range Sliders

    Turn a text input into a highly customizable range slider. Please note these are created via HTML and are developers only

    Basic Slider
    Complex Pricing Slider
    3 Users
    $ 120
    Total charge per month
    Range Slider

    Scroll Animations

    Animate items into view as they enter the viewport.


    Responsive sliders with touch-aware controls. Powered by Metafizzy’s Flickity plugin.

    Twitter Feeds

    Pull in a feed of tweets from any Twitter account. Powered by the Twitterfetcher plugin.

    Basic Twitter Cards
    Twitter Slider

    Typed Text

    A text effect to simulate typing keystrokes. Powered by Typed plugin.

    Typing With Cursor
    Fade Out

    Video Backgrounds

    Youtube, Vimeo and locally hosted fullscreen video backgrounds powered by the Jarallax plugin.

    Vimeo Video Background

    Vimeo Video Background

    Youtube Video Background

    YouTube Video Background

    Self-Hosted Video Background

    Self-Hosted Video Background

    Video Lightbox

    Link to a lightbox containing Youtube, Vimeo and locally hosted videos. Powered by Fancyapps’ Fancybox plugin.

    Vimeo Player in Lightbox

    [jumpstart_video_lightbox_button media_url= » » button_class= »btn-dark »]

    YouTube Player in Lightbox
    [jumpstart_video_lightbox_button media_url= »″ button_class= »btn-dark »]
    Video Cover to Lightbox

    Video Players

    Youtube, Vimeo and locally hosted videos in a versatile, seamless interface. Powered by the Plyr plugin.

    Youtube / Vimeo Player
    Self-Hosted Player
    Open Sidebar Open Sidebar